Marvin the Martian Adult Slippers (Women's size) Maximize

Marvin the Martian Adult Slippers (Women's size)

Open-backed, plush and toasty Marvin the Martian slippers! Available in size Medium (7-8) Please refer to our detailed description and size chart.

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These are the perfect pair of slippers to go with your Roman soldier’s uniform. Bring the kaboom to your living room with these toasty Marvin the Martian slip-ons. Designed after everybody’s favorite cartoon extraterrestrial, these slippers have plush, cushioned soles to keep your feet comfortable while you sneak off to make mischief. Isn’t that lovely?

These Marvin the Martian plush adult slippers feature an open back and are available in women's size Small and Medium. We have listed the approximate women's shoe sizes for each size slipper below.

Size Approximate Shoe Size (Women)
  Small (S)   Women's shoe size 5-6 (runs slightly small)
  Medium (M)   Women's shoe size 7-8 (runs slightly small)
  Large (L)
  Women's shoe size 8-9